The Nikon Z 5 is the best value full frame mirrorless camera, especially at this discount

With vacation deals bringing the price down to less than a big one, the Nikon z5 is arguably the best value full frame mirrorless camera on the market today.

Launched in July of last year for $ 1,399, the Z 5 doesn’t lack much compared to its more expensive sibling, the Z6 and with the seasonal discount it is available at B&H Photo for us $ 996.95 – savings of over $ 400.

The other contender for this title is the Canon EOS RP, an entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera that costs just $ 899. The RP is a bit smaller, notably clearer, and offers a bit more megapixels. However, for a hundred dollars more, the Z 5 brings major advantages. First, it’s a waterproof case, which means it will stand up to shooting in harsh conditions – a source of pride for Nikon. Second, there are two card slots, which means you have a layer of redundancy when photographing and filming, backing up your data in the event the card fails – or, in my case, acting as a means of actually being able to film those days. when I go to take pictures without first thinking of putting my SD card back in the camera. Third, there’s in-body stabilization, giving you smoother handheld images and allowing for slower shutter speeds when shooting without a tripod.

When you also factor in the higher-res EVF, the Z 5 is almost certainly the better option over the RP. As an expensive entry-level camera or as a backup to your other Nikon mirrorless camera, the Z 5 is a great choice and at this price point it’s a good time to buy.

Will you be placing an order? Let us know in the comments below.

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