Meet Frahm: frame NFTs for your favorite metaverse art

NFTs are exploding. These are must-have new art forms and artists are making a killing out of them. NFT art collectors are now a thing with some valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Naturally, those who own these million dollar NFTs want to keep them and even display them in their metaverse galleries.

Like any valuable art, NFTs also need a frame. You can’t show the Mona Lisa on its own without putting it in a beautiful frame, the same goes for NFTs. This is where Frahm comes in. Frahm is the digital frame maker that puts all your favorite NFT art into metaverse-enabled 3D frames to enhance your experience. As Vincent Van Gogh said, “A picture without a frame is like a body without a soul.”

Frahm’s NFT frames bring your favorite NFT art to life by providing a case that reflects the value of your collection. Displaying art in the metaverse is becoming increasingly popular, so having a setting in which to display your NFT art is imperative

Frames have always been an integral part of the art world. Once an artist is done with a piece, they should put it in a shell or frame that showcases the beauty of that piece. That’s what Frahm brings to the Metaverse. Currently, NFT art displayed in the metaverse is done without any thought about framing, as the owners just prop these pieces up on the wall as they came. It shouldn’t be.

The display of art in the metaverse still leaves much to be desired, even as the online art consumption experience continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. As the space grows, anyone will be able to own a digital gallery and will need to properly frame their art if they hope to compete.

How to get Frahm frames

Frahm is preparing to release its first raster NFTs. The Genesis Drop will feature a limited supply of single-frame NFTs that will be available for minting. These frames will be able to fit NFT art in the metaverse, which can be used to display them in virtual galleries and other spaces.

The project builds its own stack of metaverse frameworks to support its vision. He thinks that eventually everything in the Metaverse will be an NFT, including its executives, and Frahm is ahead of the market in that regard.

In the long term, Frahm expects the sales volume of the digital gallery market to exceed that of the physical market. That’s why she strives to give collectors, curators and galleries the frameworks they deserve. These frames will not only improve the appearance of NFT art, but also increase its value. This is because frames are art in their own right and have a value separate from the art inside.

The project is currently in talks with major NFT platforms and collectors, as well as metaverse galleries. With his strong team of established professionals such as a gallery owner, a generative artist, and a team of full-stack developers, Frahm is gearing up to revolutionize the way NFT art is displayed in the metaverse using his frames.

To learn more about Frahm, follow the Twitter account or visit its website.

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