‘Encanto’ plans $ 70 million global opening at Thanksgiving box office – Deadline

Disney will continue to embrace the theatrical window on the Thanksgiving stretch with the animated musical in Colombia Encanto. The film directed by Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith seeks to hook families with a $ 35M – $ 40M domestic start of five days and another $ 35M + abroad as it debuts day and date in all offshore territories except China, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam. In the USA, Encanto sessions begin at 6:00 pm this evening.

“Ghostbusters: the afterlife”

While some studios have worried about family participation in big movies during the pandemic and opted for a hybrid launch in homes simultaneously, Sony Ghostbusters: the afterlife began allaying those fears last weekend with a $ 44 million startup, with one-third of that business coming from families. The Jason Reitman-led sequel in its second weekend seeks to make around $ 30-35 million over five days, armed with the power of Imax auditoriums. Life after death made $ 4 million on Monday and now stands at $ 48 million.

Encanto is the second wide animated release to have an exclusive theatrical window this year, after 20th Century Studios’ Ron was wrong. Previous features including Universal’s The Boss Baby: family business and PAW from Paramount + Patrol, as well as the live-action mix from Warner Bros. Tom and Jerry, were theatrical / streaming releases day and date in the US

Disney’s “Encanto” Releases First Trailer, Poster, Pictures, Teases New Music From Lin-Manuel Miranda

“House of Gucci”

United Artist Releasing really hopes to blow adults out of their homes with Ridley Scott’s MGM drama thriller Gucci House which is reserved for 3,477 national theaters, eyeing a middle to high teenager open over five days. Premieres in the US and Canada start tonight at 7 p.m. The film is currently 65% ​​fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but has received further reviews from Associated Press, The Telegraph, The LA Times, Time, Variety, Entertainment Weekly and Deadlineby Pete Hammond. Gucci House opens in 45 overseas markets via Universal and MGM, with France’s main games starting tomorrow, followed by Mexico and Brazil on Thursday and the UK and Spain on Friday. Expectations are around $ 10 million to start at the international box office.

Resident Evil Raccoon City

‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’
Screen Gems

Sony-Screen Gems has the reboot of Constantine’s Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City which goes back to the roots of the Capcom zombie shooter video game. The genre film is booked in 2,800 theaters, with Sony considering a $ 8M- $ 10M start of five days. Rival studios believe it has a good chance of landing as a teenager, the film directed by Johannes Roberts currently at 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. Premieres of the $ 25 million production begin at 3 p.m. today at 2,320 locations. With the departure of Milla Jovovich as main zombie shooter Alice, Kaya Scodelario takes up arms as Claire Redfield.

Encanto Comes four years after Disney’s previous Mexican Thanksgiving 2x Oscar-winning musical Coco. Encanto is a tale led by a young woman about a girl, Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) who lives in a huge house with a familia who has magical talents; except that she doesn’t. The film tells how it finds its place; and it’s further enhanced and accentuated by a soundtrack written by Emmy, Grammy and Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda; which will keep the audience leaving the theater in song.

The original animation is not easy at the box office, hence the weaker than usual projections on Encanto, coupled with the whole question of whether families really show up during persistent Covid. Until yesterday, Encanto had $ 2.5 million in US presales behind Destroy him Ralphis $ 3.5 million. The latter film grossed $ 49 million over three days in the first weekend of November 2012. Among the first five original animated Thanksgiving openings for Disney at the national soundtrack, of course, all before the pandemic: Frozen ($ 93.9M wide opening), Moana ($ 82 million), coco ($ 72.9M), Tangled ($ 68.7M) and The good dinosaur ($ 55.4 million).

Encanto is reserved in more than 3,800 theaters, including more than 600 Premium Large Format screens and 1,300 3D locations. Over 300 theaters in key markets will offer the Disney film in Spanish dubbed and / or subtitled.

The comparable composition for Encanto abroad is boss baby 2 which debuted at $ 23 million; this film ends its overseas tour at $ 70.8 million. Encanto, no doubt, will outperform in Latin America which has theaters open during the pandemic. coco was one of the highest grossing American films in Mexico of all time with $ 57.9 million. Chile was the second most profitable territory for coco at $ 10 million, followed by Argentina ($ 9.5 million), Brazil ($ 9.4 million), Venezuela ($ 9 million) and Colombia ($ 6.8 million) ). It’s also important to note that overseas there is no vacation to speak of unlike in the United States, duh.

No release date yet in China for Encanto, and that would be a good move considering how coco Overindexed in this market with a gross amount of $ 200 million, Chinese audiences love the family aspect of this film. However, 20% of cinemas are closed in China due to a rise in Covid, which impacts 23% of a photo’s gross.

Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam are catching up on movie bookings as these territories reopen their theaters after being temporarily closed.

The concern in the coming weeks is whether there is a lockdown across Europe; Austria was recently completely shut down for three weeks, with restrictions in Scandinavia, although this has yet to impact cinemas. Germany has canceled Christmas markets and sporting events. Disney is looking for pop from France where animated films are doing well, as well as from Japan and Russia. Asia is now open apart from limited cinema closures in China.

Encanto is theatrically dubbed in 41 languages, including the first time the studio has dubbed in Georgian. As for the Latin American version, it was dubbed with 100% Colombian actors in Colombia. Although Beatriz did not reprise her role in this cut, the original cast of the film came to dub their authentic Spanish Colombian roles: Angie Cepeda – (Julieta, who also voiced in Italian), María Cecilia Botero (Abuela Alma), Mauro Castillo (Félix), Carolina Gaitán (Pepa), Olga Lucía Vives (Mirabel) and Maluma (Mariano). The Colombian Spanish version of Encanto is also distributed in Spain.

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